Philippa Stone at Equine Aqua Training

Testimonial from a very satisfied Customer

I had an aqua treadmill for five years already before I decided to invest in a second treadmill and I was hugely impressed by the sophistication and quality of the Aqua Icelander.  I have had the treadmill for a year now and have only had to change the water three times - this filtration system is in a league of its own.  I have not had any problems with any parts or functionality on the machine and the service experience is first class.

Bjarni and his wife are a joy to work with and the entire experience from our first conversation to our relationship today has been positive, educational and respectful.  Bjarni is excellent to deal with, all the costs are clear and the delivery is to the day.  The quality and beauty of the craftsmanship of the machine is really next level and it is certainly the market leader.  The ability to make tailor made programmes for each horse is unique and the Icelander is the first treadmill to have an incline and chilled salt water.  The Aqua Icelander is beautifully made with varnished wood, glass and polished steel but her looks are not the only thing that set her above other treadmills as Aqua training has never been better, the design encourages the horses to work in a correct outline and stay totally centred and straight within the treadmill.

I am amazed at the effectiveness of this water treadmill and the radical impact of the training they just work harder and more correctly in this treadmill because they are totally in alignement and balance.  The salt water is an excellent therapy in itself and the incline is a great resource.  The machine also has very rapid filling and discharge speeds which are comparatively silent compared to other treadmills.  Reliable, efficient and trustworthy Bjarni offers a first class customer experience and the Aqua Icelander offers the ultimate Aqua Treadmill experience for a horse.

 Best wishes and happy 2018!