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Aqua Icelander water treadmills (both in-ground and above-ground units)   Aqua treadmills at HTC are designed to relieve stress and promote healing and fitness. They have been proven to be powerful tools for rehabilitation, training and conditioning of horses. Our in ground and above ground Aqua Icelander water treadmills allow a horse to exercise the same muscles, tendons, and ligaments used when working out on the track without concussion of the track's surface. The buoyancy of the water displaces approximately 40% to 45% of the horse's body weight – while contact with the treadmill and force of working against the water still generates sufficient stress to promote bone density and encourage muscle development, while minimizing injury.

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We are so excited to be able to offer the first and only Aqua Icelander treadmill in Canada to our clients! Our treadmill can be used with or without water and allows us the option to use incline up to 10% to better exercise the top line & strengthen neck & back muscles. Water treadmills have been proven to aid in many different things including general conditioning, joint flexion, respiration, increased range of motion, core strength, and improved performance.